PC T-4 setup

I have a new pro circuit T-4, was wondering if anybody has experimented with the end caps and jetting. Mine came with the 2" I.D. end cap and spark arrestor, it seems to pull very strong with 165 main, 45 slow. Looking for recomendations. 1000' above sea level. thanks mike

Hey Mike, I have the T4 aswell, when I bought the pipe (a month ago)I also purchased the queit tip for the thing. Pro-curcuit has them on back order, It looks the same as the stock tip except the hole at the end is smaller, im expecting to get a little more bottom end and a little less top end which would be fine with me. Im really surprised on how this pipe works, it has completly changed the power characteristics of my bike (WR426). I have the Canadian bike that came with a non spark arrestor exhaust system that is very restrictive, otherwise I would ride with the US stock pipe... So anyway call Pro-curcuit and see if any of the tips are avail. I know that the "quiet tip" is on back order... Good luck man, Dan

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I have T4 with all three end caps. The largest or 2in is only good for top end, terrible low/ok mid. Great for you desert types. This one ships with the pipe.

The middle cap is 1 3/4 to 1 7/8in. It is great all around cap for most tracks for decent low end great mid, decent top. I use this one the most.

The smallest cap is 1 1/2in. It works well on tight tracks, great low end for jump clearing out of tight corners & decent mid. You will gain confidence with this one.

And why ProCircuit ships with the 2 inch "Desert" cap, I do not understand - it must be a $ thing - to get more of your $.

Thanks for the info. guys, GA what did you do for jetting if anything? mike

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