2002 YZ450F

Anybody get the idea that Yamaha is trying to drag us along. 98 bike 400, 00 is a 426 and now 02 bike is going to be 450. Every two years trying to entice us to buy a new bike. Looks like the used bike market is going to be saturated.

Yes it is called built in obsolescence. The number one marketing tool known to man.




you don't think that Microsoft does the same thing?

only just enuf to keep ahead of the other guy

then anounce something new to deter ppl from buying the other guys stuff.

it is called Ghost Marketing!

as long as they keep making a good product i could care less.

just another excuse to buy a NEW bike!!!!LOL



That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

You guys are talking about the 2002 model, but I am stil learning how to ride the 2001 model. This still give's me so much to think about that I don't look ahead :-).

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