2000 wr400f

does anyone have any recommendations for up grades to the wr400? i want to make the bike a duel sport but i`m not sure if i will lean more towards off road or street riding...

There are a couple that are universal, no matter what you want to do with the bike...all the free mods, autodecomp cam (03 YZ450 cam or hot cams), YZ426 or aftermarket pipe...maybe a 420 big bore kit or 426 crank and 444 big bore kit...depends on what you're looking for performance wise and how much money you want to spend. Suspension, wheels, brakes, etc are dependent upon what you want to do...

As far as Dual Sporting, a 426 stator and flywheel will give you more watts, and if you need DC for turn signals and horn, you will need to float the ground on the lighting coil and replace the regulator with a regulator/rectifier.

If you plan on riding mostly dirt, a YZ tank and seat are a good mod as well...again, it all depends on how much you want to spend.

thanks thats good info on the electrical! now about these free mods.....mostly i hear about the grey wire mod. and from what i can find that has to do with being able to rev out higher..,.is that it? thanks again!

a 426 stator and flywheel will give you more watts,

Is the flywheel also needed to get the full 120 Watts? I had upgraded my '99 400 (80W) stator to a 426 (120 Watt) stator awhile ago, but retained the 400 flywheel. Am I not getting the full 120 watts?

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