Powersportspro problems....

Anyone have a bad experience with this outfit? I could've made the stuff faster than it's taking for them to ship it to me :)! Then they held an entire order because a $1.49 grommet was back-ordered and didn't even have the decency to e-mail or call and tell me this was the hold up. This is the first time dealing with them and probably the last if this is an indicator. The prices are pretty decent but when I order something and give you $$$$$$, I want the g@#*%mn thing NOW! "Just a rant, I could be wrong!"

I had the same exact thing happen. They held my order for a .97 cent bolt!

I called them and let them have it. I ended up getting free shipping on the original order and free shipping on the backorder.

I dont know if this is true or not, but I believe they are able to sell cheap because they stock nothing. All orders have to be special ordered. I have ordered several times and never had anything arrive withintwo weeks. :excuseme:Their phone people are really good. I think the company is best used for parts you dont need within a month!

Agreed RCannon.....then they sold me a set of fork protectors on the premise that they WERE in stock. Today I called to find out what the hold-up was since I ordered them on the 10th and they told me that the parts were JUST shipping to them from Yamaha today :). When I bitched and said to forget it and cancel the order they said I'd be charged a 10% restocking fee! I came unglued at this point and demanded to speak to a supervisor and they waived the fee(mighty big of them, huh?). Then after dealing with the local dealership and finding out that they would be $10 more without shipping, after tax, I called Powersportspro back and reinstated the order(might as well, I'm screwed either way, might as well save the $$$$!). You're right about the phone people, as the guy I spoke with assured me that this doesn't ever happen(rigghhtt!)and I assured him that it will NEVER happen again! I'm so sick of dealing with shifty, slick outfits like this and my local dealership....makes me want to start my own dealership/parts house just so I can look out for the riders, so they aren't constantly getting dicked! Gotta hit the damn Lotto and I'm on the job!

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