Thumpertalk will do the Baja 1000!

Thumpertalk has teamed-up with Barnum's Pro to bring you Barnum's Pro Pits...the premier pit service for the Baja 1000! :) Take a look and get involved:

Baja 1000 Info Page

See you there,


Hey you--dual sport guy from Colorado, woods dude from New York, weekend desert warrior from Corona-- yeah, you. Ever hear of a 'life list'? Its a list of stuff ya gotta do before you die. Yeah, I knew you had one. I have one to, although i misplace it all to often. (woah, getting heavy there...!)

Mine starts with RACE THE PARIS DAKAR-guess what...I just called KTM and asked how to join their '04 Rally race effort! (well, ok, i left a message with a guy and I'm waiting for him to call me back! :)) I think its like 1/464 odds that they will take me, but who knows? (ok more like 1/9999). Point is- I am going to do of these days! My list USED to start with RACE THE BAJA 1000!

I gotta tell you on my first time out I was SO surprised at how many novice riders take on the 1000. I was so sure we where gonna be TOTALLY out classed at our first 1000! None of us had any idea what we were doing!! :D (some things never change) My brother knew this guy named Rob Barnum, and he seemed to know about Baja racing-so we droped off our XR650 at his shop, and followed all his advice! And against all our expectations, we finished the race!

It was during this first time i realized there must be AT LEAST 15 teams of 3-4 riders just like us. Newbies who hadnt a clue!! And now i find that at each of the 1000's there are always guys out there racing/riding 'just for the hell of it'- thats like 45 guys, and one or two chicks! Guys from Japan who have never seen a desert before, fat guys from Chicago (, 40 something guys who grew up racing D37, young Moto X dudes from LA on 250 2 strokes! Must have been on their life lists too!

I'm just saying: its an incredible experience, and if you have ever considered trying something like this-or if its on your life list-dont let the idea that it 'must be full of pro racers' get in the way of going for it. Its Not full of pro racers. Its full of off-roaders having a great time-off roaders from All skill levles-getting thier kicks! The course is NOT technical- at all. Its long, but not technical. The racers quickly get very spread out. Dust is not an issue. Its not that hot! Really the hardest part about the whole thing---is just deciding that you are going to do it!

SO before you get any older (i'm 40 and wanna go race 5000 miles in the muslim world on a 450lb bike!) why not race the Baja 1000?

Heres all ya have to do:

Get 2-3 buddies sold on the idea.(this year its only a 750 mile loop race). At least one should have a KTM 525, XR650 or ?

Contact: for bike set-up support, pits, pre-running support. Its about $600 per racer on a team of 4 by the time you get a dry brake tank, night lights, and pay for the pitting-Rob will help get you sorted out...

Contact: for entry form, course lay out, hotel info, etc. Its about $400 per person for entry fee, hotels, tacos for a 4 member team. This includes radio info relay, emergency medical evacuation/treatment, race fee, and a cool t-shirt, etc.!

Yeah- plan on a grand by the time its all done. Thats some serious cash. Just hold off on those new 36 inch wheels for you Ford- and junior- he can ride that XR70 for another year-he's only 15!! :D This is the Baja 1000 we are talking about! :D

Dude-its incredible to see Johnny Cambell at the starting line, thousands of cheering Mexican fans, the Tecate Girls at tech inspection, and that incredible Baja landscape. And with TT/Barnum taking care of your support, all you need to do is ride conservatively and get to the finish line! :D

And when you get there--the finish line-- Some race official will hand you some finisher pins-something you will one day will ask for your autograph.(its true)A crowd of petit Mexican women will smile big wide suggestive smiles at you. (yep) Tough old Mexican rancher guys who've been drinking Mescal all day (while you've been widening their ranch roads) will congradulate you. Your buddies will be glowing-slapping you on the back, handing you a cold one (Tecate) and then...offer to help you to wheel the bike to where the pick-up is double-parked....

Mike, you are a crack up! I'm not saying that in a negitive way, in a good, funny way. You are wound up!

You are totally right on all that. Especially about riding "conservatively" in the 1000 to reach the finish.

More riders need to understand exactly what you're saying. They think it's all Pro guys who hual aint!!

The biggest part of the ordeal is getting all the BS organized and help with logistics. That's where guys like Rob come into play. Rob will completely prep a race bike and handle all the pits. That's great!

We also will prep and rent bikes for races so guys can just fly in. We rented 2 at this past Tecate Hare Scrambles (couple guys from Ohio) and we have one so far to set up for next years Baja 500 for a father/son team from New Jersey. We don't offer pit support though and it's cool Rob will be.

This is also a great opportunity for guys to help out and be involved without spending the cash or taking the chance of racing. Volunteer to help at a Barnum Pit. It's a geat experience and you just might get the itch to race it yourself some day.

About DAKAR....

I chatted with Harden about the 3 rider US team and it sounds like they are needing a complete support crew to go with the team. What a great experience that would be. Yeah, racing is one thing, but just being involved would also be extreme. Definately won't be a picnic.... I hope you get to go and see what it's all about!


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