Poor service from www.cyclehouse.com

This site had great prices on tires with free shipping so I ordered 3 sets of 755's for my trip to PA and the rest of the riding season. I did this on a Wednesday, 2 weeks before my trip. I ordered three 18 inch rears and three 21 inch fronts. The guy asked me for what bike and I told him a WR426. A week later, I got a call from this clown from cyclehouse saying they had my tires. They were 19 inch and just wanted to make sure they were the right ones. He said he noticed that I ordered 18 but he thought they should be 19 so he ordered 19. He was second guessing my order and changed it without my concent. So now I have 1 week to get my tires. He said I would have them by that Monday. Monday, no tires, Tuesday no tires, Wednesday no tires and I am leaving for PA Friday am. I call the guy and ask what is up. He tells me they just came in and I wil have them by Saturday. He is lucky he lives in California becuase I was ready to smack him upside the head. I went out and bought a pair of 756's at $140 for the set. Not as good a price as I could have ordered from someone else but I had no choice at this time. When I told him to cancel the order he didn't even give a **** . He said ok and hung up the phone.

If you want your orders second guessed and later than hell, go ahead an use these guys. Otherwise, stay away.

Sorry for rambeling but this still has me pised off


Sorry, to hear about your problem Mike. I had nearly the same expierence with a company called Westwood Intl out of Cali a year ago. Without getting into it they treated me the same way.

Never deal with them either.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

My wife bought tires for by bike for my b-day (what a good wife!) and the shop did the same thing! They set her up with a 19" rear Dunlop although she told them it was a 99 WR400F. Given they sell the bike, you'd think they'd know. I'm convinced that 1/2 the population are complete morons. Of course, tt members are part of the other half! :)

Don't be so sure, I have done some pretty stupid stuff lately. I took my bike for a test ride on pavement with new knobbies and no gear on. My forearm is skinless as a result. It was fun picking the asphalt out of it. Still hurts.


I heard all those extreme stunt jumper Dudes are in trouble now that you are CLEARING the QUINTUPPLE jump, doing a no handed- inverted-superman-double nac can-clicking-mule kick, with a double twist! :)

Or so Bill claims...???

You got it! I think the Golden Gate Bridge is next.

One thing Ive learned in retail.. Sometimes, the help needs a bit of "customer complaints". After 7 years in a Auto parts store, And being in management..One can never tell all the time if the help is being "unfriendly" or uneducated in the job they are doing. And, they arent all bad people. If you are having a Problem Do yourself and all future customers a favor.. Talk to the owner or Manager of the Store. If THAT doesnt work.. Then I wouldnt give them the time of day. Obviously they offer good prices at various places. Customer service is important too, but alot of times, Us customers like to get the "best deals"..Am I right? Well, Thats obvious really, but what I guess Im trying to say is that Things will likely work out if you take a moment to complain to the big cheeses. The help cant always be the best. They could be new, or maybe they are "having a bad day" or they just shouldnt be there in the first place.

I feel that all upper management wants your business bad enough to make it worth shopping with the place you choose to do the business. You just may have to speak up a bit louder. 99% of the places will listen. And dont be intimidated by asking for the Manager. Being one myself at one time, I Liked my customers calling me. That way, I could correct my help. :)

same thing happened to me when i ordered a set of tires from hipersports.com.ive noticed at few online accessory retailers,when ive filled out bike profile parts search it shows 19in rear wheel as stock size.

mike68 if you are big dunlop755 fan.hipersports.com sell front and rear package for $109.just make sure you call in order so they dont send you 19in rear

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