06 YZ450 CDI part number ?

Anyone know what the part number is that is stamped on the CDI of a 06 YZ450 ? I don't need the yamaha part number I need the actual number off the CDI. I am about to buy one but want to make sure its actually from a 06 and not another year.


2S2-00 5XA. (Edit by moderator: This is NOT the correct part number. Read the full thread) Be careful I bought my used 06 CDI and it was bad. Make sure the seller accepts refunds if possible.

I got sent a 2S2-00 590

I wonder what the 590 means in comparision to your 5XA ? I think the last three are just batch number or something because according to the yamaha part numbers below my number is the closest to the 2006 part number.

Anyone else got a 06 CDI they can look at to compare numbers?

2006 2S2-85540-00-00 C.D.I. UNIT ASSY $261.87 1 $261.87

2007 2S2-85540-70-00 C.D.I. UNIT ASSY $230.26 1 $230.26

2008 2S2-85540-B0-00 C.D.I. UNIT ASSY $207.62 1 $207.62

2009 34P-85540-00-00 C.D.I. UNIT ASSY $156.34 1 $156.34

2005 5XD-85540-50-00 C.D.I. UNIT ASSY $272.38 1 $272.38

The numbers on the CDI itself are not the complete part number. "2S2-00" on the CDI equates to the PN 2S2-85540-00-00.

yay mines real!!

is the NOS the one I want? I cant find very many used ones.

So I have a used one, depending on what I find out about my lighting wiring, I may be interested in selling it. It worked when I tore my engine apart to throw in a WR crank for lighting.

Let me know if you end up finding one.

ya if you wanna sell it give me a PM

So I just bought a 09 450 and I assume the 06 CDI is a plug and play replacement for the stock CDI? If so, what is a better purchase in everyone's opinion - the 06 CDI (~$230) or a new exhaust system (~$430)? I know the stock exhaust is restrictive but wondering if the CDI changae would move more power to the low end and I could live without a new pipe.

I cant speak for the 09 model because I have not physicality plug the 06 box into an 09. I amuse and someone correct me if I am wrong that the 06 box just plugs in.

I have an 06 bike and I have an extra 08 CDI box. I have tried both boxes with the stock pipe and my full White Brothers system. For Me, and the seat of the pants feeling is the the 06 box is a defendant difference even with both pipes. Hope that helps a little.

Definately a major HP difference in the 5 -6K range with the pipe. It seems that everyone is now proud of their 06 used CDI's also. Thanks guys.

It seems that everyone is now proud of their 06 used CDI's also.
A good, honest response by the free market. :thumbsup:

Don't pay more than half the new price, though. It's still a used part.

Im trying to decide if the 06 would be an improvement on my 07. Track and trail emphasis on trail

i have a spare i dont know whick year it is. 5UL-00 28V

A 5UL-85540-00-00 is from a 2003 YZ250F.

Just curious are all the 03-09 450 cdi's interchangeable? So if you want a ton of unuseable power you could use a cdi from an 03?

Theoretically, yes. The '03-'05 had different cams though, too.

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