Neutral Switch

Can anyone tell me if the neutral switch is actualy used? Somewhere I saw something about a neutral switch eliminator. There looks to be about 5 or 6 contacts in the switch with only one wire coing to the

CDI unit.

Look for a recent thread on the subject.

The neutral switch is used on the 2000 and 2001 426's as it has an input to the ignition so it can vary the ignition timing depending what gear your in and throttle input from the TPS. On 400's it isn't used and is only there because the European bikes use it to limit the amount of RPM's the bike can generate when in neutral for the sound checks they have over there. Terrycable sells a cover that replaces the stock one so you can get rid of all the associated wiring that goes along with it. I ordered one today from them, it cost $15. I'm no ounce counter but if I were, it's a cheap way to lose a couple of pounds, and it also cleans up the wiring a bit.


99 YZ400

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