YZ450F 06-09 Differences?

Looking at getting a yz450 06-09 model. Just not sure what changes were made between the years so im not sure what year to look for. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated:thumbsup:

09 is best pretty sure because of high comp piston and the new swing arm.

sorry i was thinking of yz250f

The 09 has revised suspension, new swingarm and linkage, less agressive timing, and new wheels. Thats all I can remember right now, but the 09 is a better handling bike. Imo its only downfall is the stock exhaust, its very restrictive.

In my opinion 2008 was the major change for the big 450's handling. Then the 09 just improved upon it.

There was a minor change to the frame in 07, as well as the addition of wave style rotors.

Ive owned them all and the 09 was for me the best but not much better than the 08. I switched back and forth the 08 was my practice bike 09 was race bike. The 2010 is to me A LOT better bike than any of them it actually turns. I didnt realize how hard I had to work to keep my 09 in a rut until time spent on the 10. Lap times where faster on 10 instantly. Its the closet thing to the rmz that I have ridden in the turns.

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