99 wr400 to yz450 carb ??

looking to junk the fcr1 carb on the bike now i have found several fcr3 ? carbs from 2006 yz450s will these work any prolbems swapping them dont plan on using the remote hotstart feature

(yes i tried searching first)

? ok so i bought one from 2004 yz450 i plan on getting a jd jet kit Im assuming jets for yz carb and wr carb are the same interchangeable?? ( just buy a jet kit for my bike and it will fit the yz carb?) sorry I am a bit of a jetting Virgin Thanks in advance!

Buy a kit for the carb you bought because there are many different carbs out there with different components. If you are getting a JD kit (which I would recommend) I'd talk to the company and try to get a chart for your bike which will also give an idea of the range to be in. I'd imagine the jetting would be close between a WR and YZ, however. Just way different between the 400 and the 450.

Thing is it will always be a crap shoot as the carb that was on your bike is different sized than the one you bought which is for a larger engine and any chart will be for that larger, different tuned engine. Not saying it won't work. Just be aware you are taking yourself into an uncharted area as far as jetting goes. not a huge deal but I think most charts will end up being slightly rich. Probably not by much, though.


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