possible trade thoughts... 03 yz450 for husky

I have an 04 Husky TE250 and a guy wants to trade a real clean 03 YZ450....

I ride Senior A Hare Scrambles, enduros and occasional MX...

My 250 has a rekluse and other than that pretty stock...

the 450 is bone stock but real clean....

what do you guys think? worries?

heres the 2 bikes

I am worried about starting it after hot....would a Rekluse help? gear it down? tired of getting roosted by 450's....4 speed any problem?



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do it you wont b disapointed very reliable bike

The YZ450 in any year model is a purpose-built MX bike, not an enduro machine. They all have high-strung engines (and the '03 is among the snappiest) and close ratio transmissions with a high low gear and a low top gear. The 4 speed isn't really an issue, but the 5's are a better choice. Low gear is the same in either one, and 4th in the 4 speed is about two thirds of the way between 4th and 5th on the 5 speed.

A Rekluse will help a lot. A heavier flywheel is almost mandatory. The engine can be pacified a little by using an alternative CDI. The suspension is a bit stiff for off-road, and the '03 can be especially tiring to ride for a long period until you get used to managing the engine. And you can forget running lights.

But they are very, very reliable, and a lot of fun in their own way. The '03 is a bit dated these days, but not bad. For your purposes, I think I'd pass on it and get a later model, or just something else. Try a test ride to see the difference.

I wouldn't do it, your bike looks way cleaner and has a rekluse in it and that yz is only an 03.

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