2000 yz 250 for a 1998 yz 400 trade

my son has a yz 250 and got offered to trade it for a yz 400 4t......he rode my 04 450f and thats all he talked about as how he likes the 4 stroke ..good trade and what should i look for on the 400..............just got back into riding motocross bikes from about a 30 year lay off...lol.any help?

the 400 will be a bulletproof bike if well maintained. they have tons of power when jetted correctly. if it is a clean bike and runs well then i say go for it. he will need to learn that starting procedure though. haha

I'd keep the 2000 two stroke.

it was clean for a 98 but he likes his 250 better so he is keeping it..........they must be a bear to start?...........thanks

Dont be put off about the starting of a 400.

The 400 is not a bear to start if set up correctly, and especially if the later model 450 cam has been fitted.

Prior to changing my cam, the bike would start first or second kick every time. With the later model cam, it is almost as easy as starting my CR250.

i think it would be fun for him.he loves my 450.........but its all up to him i would love to find a vintage big bore yamaha for vintage racing.im 48 and think im going threw my second childhood........lol

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