450 motor in a 426 chassis

I have spent mucho dinero getting my 426 set up for my riding and body size. My motor is starting to get a bit tired. 2 top ends and 1 lower bearing rebuild already. I have a line on a 2006 450 with low hours. Can I put this motor in my chassis?

Uh anybody? Bueler, Bueler...is this thing on?:smirk:

OK don 't answer.

I think that in 2003 the 426 and the 450 were both produced....check the part fiches and see if the frame is the same part number. If so, then you can be reasonably certain that a swap is possible.

You are going to need alot of 450 parts so get the whole 450. like wire loom, air box, you may need the sub frame to hang the battery.

Carburetor and cables. Just to name a few.

Let us know how it goes.

I'd check the part numbers on a couple of items, like the swingarm pivot bolt, front frame mounts. GC is right about the wiring, etc. However, you can work around some of these issues if you're creative.

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