469 vs 450

The bike i recently bought which is a 2004 yz450f was a 469 when i bought it. it basically blew up and i am buying a new cylinder to make it a 450 again. will i notice a difference? i know i will a little bit but would it be a lot of a difference??

There is no replacement for displacement.

The stock 2003-2004 yz450f is a beast. I wouldn't be too concerned. It's more power than you need anyways.

True that.:smirk:

Stock is more reliable so i'd personally go back to stock. A 450 always has enough power.

For the average rider, the impediment to going fast is 90% the rider and 10% the bike.

Stock will be fine.

Hard to say, I would think that you will notice a difference yes.

I'm really curious about the big bore kits, alot of people here DO NOT seem to use them, as I cannot find any good threads with a good intelligent review of any of the big bore kits out there.

If money is not a concern, consider your riding style before you choose to go back to the 469.

Me in the woods, I would love more power regardless of what others saying that the stock is more than enough. That may be for more people, but the easier it is for me to lift the front end in the sticks, the more I like it.

Maybe it's my technique that needs to be honed, but I am def using every little bit of power on my current bike and would love to add a big bore kit to it!

I am the same way brentn! More power the better; however, i have never rode a 450 except mine that was a 469 and it ran like a bat outta hell! I ride mostly woods and some mx. But if a stock 450 runs like they say then i would take reliability over a little more power.

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