Does anyone make these for yamahas?

I'm looking for some bar mounts that bolt to the stock triple clamp that move the bars more forward and up. I found these and they look like exactly what I'm looking for:

but they don't make them for yamahas, specifically my 09 yz450. I ride mx and have trashed that ones that just bolt to the stock bar mounts, they get tweaked every fall or really rough landing. Plus I dont like how they move the bars closer to me, at 6'4" I need more room. So has anyone make a pair like these for yamahs?

I have never seen mounts like that before, how about retrofitting the honda or kawasaki mounts you linked to onto your yamaha, Cant see it being too difficult.. They look to have a bolt right through might just be a matter of a different length bolt??

Well im not sure of the size of the bolt but I believe they are made for the rubber mounts, I will try to call the company today and find out, anyone know the size of the stock yz lower bar mount bolts?

The '06 mounts have 12mm studs in them. '07 and up use 10mm.

How did you go?

Check the BRP website.

The guy on the phone wasnt sure, and told me to email one of the parts guys, he hasnt replied yet. Ive seen the brp mounts, Im actually looking for a mount that is more forward than anything, maybe a little taller but a half inch or so more forward would be great. with the RC highs my bars are about 6mm further back than the stock ones even tho the bars themselves have less backsweep, its just because they are so tall.

Im in same boat, at 6'5", would love to get em farther forward. Anyone?

Really tempted to make some. and some lower footpeg brackets. Fire up that bridgeport. Welded stainless footpeg brkts and machined alum handle bar mounts. 1" down for the knees and 1" forward for the back. Hmmm where'd the hours go

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