Safari Trail Fuel Tank

Can find alot of info on different tanks but none on the Safari trail tank 4.1 gallon (15.5 L) from JUST TANKS.....model number SFYM-066TT.....

I run a 2005 WR450 and have the IMS 3.1 gallon and the Acerbis 6.6 gallon.

I would like to see some pics of the Safari 4.1 gallon tank (on the bike) if anyone has some to show...the one in the pic on the website doesn't show all the angles on the fitment and want to see some before dishing out $500 bucks.

I need that little extra range on some trials between the 2 tanks I have. No I do not want a number tank or side panel tank or just fill the 6.6 half full...

Any info on the 4.1 would be very appreciated!!!



No I do not want to just fill the 6.6 half full...

Okay, well now you just have me curious on why filling the 6.6 half way isn't something you want to do? Are you tank guy and just likes being able to swap out tanks. I bet your the guy that used to have old nike sneakers where you could swap the color of the swoosh.

I think that might be a picture of it?

.....thanks for the pic....the problem with the 6.6 is the tank gets in the way of the knees on tight stuff so I was hoping for an in between that has a smaller radius around the knee is tough to find good pics on a specific item...but no shortage of funny guys lol

ive had both the 6.6 and now i have the 4.1. the acerbis was terrible wide at the knees and the vents on the side banged up my knee caps once it got rough.

the 4.1 is TONS better. thinner between the knees. almost feels stock.

this is the only pic i have


Awesome and thanks for the pics.....I google and search for pics but you never know which tanks are on the bikes. I appreciate the responses whether they have humour or not....just trying to try different things....

why some may ask......

Because I can!!!!

and yes that is how I found the knee guards were in the way...

Looks like a 500 dollar purchase coming up!!!


Does anybody know why Acerbis stopped making the 6.6 gal tanks for the 07- WR's. They are still available for the steel frame bikes, but not the alum frame. I'd like to have one but can't find one anywhere. I've even been looking for in the classifieds and fleamarkets for a while and nobody seems to parting with them. I wouldn't mind ponying up for the 4.1 gal Safari tank but I think I am still going to have to carry fuel on the back somewhere too. I am planning on a desert ride this year. I have a 3.1 IMS now and I like it alot, just need more range.

Bought the Safari translucent today for my 08. $439 on Ebay, free shipping. I will post some pics when I get it installed.

Hey Craig652,

Did you install the Safari tank? If so, how was instal? What is your opinion of the tank compared to your IMS 3.1?


Kinda. I installed it and before I filled it with gas, I decided I didn't need that big of a tank for what I was planning. The quality, fit and installation was fine, I just wasn't going to need it. The fit is tight enough that I wasn't able to use the WC radiator braces I had bought, but otherwise I would have been happy. I held onto it for a few weeks in case I changed my mind, but I just put it on ebay yesterday.



My friend has a 99 WR 400, and he's looking for a STOCK tank, which means he will have the bigger one that came with the bike to trade. I don't know what kind of tank it is, or how much bigger. I rode it today, and didn't notice anything unusual size wise, and it's blue in color.This may be a good option for someone looking for a larger tank, because he'd probably go even up. If this sparks any interest, i'll see what else i can find out on it.



Thanks for the pics and the reply.

By any chance, did you sit on your bike and feel the width of the tank? I am just curious as to how much wider the Safari 4.1 is than the stock tank or other options like the IMS or Clarke. Did it feel wider to you?

Thanks -

Sure thing.

I had an IMS 3.1. It was slightly wider then stock. Mostly up above where your knees /legs would hang.

The Safari 4.1 did feel wider, but not alot. Maybe an inch on each side at the spot where your legs ride. I'm not real picky about my riding position though. No racing, just trail riding and dualsporting.

I ended up with a Clarke 3.6. Compromise on capacity, slimmer around the knee area and I could use my radiator braces I already had on the bike.

Here is the stock, IMS with shrouds and the Safari.



Anyone selling a bigger than stock but not a huge tank for an aluminum frame 450?

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