Enough of this NCal Heatwave already !!!!!!

Geeeeez its been one heck of a heat wave here in Ncal. I don't do mid 100's. I know I am whining a bit but come on rainy season !!! I love the mud and can't wait for the rains to start. Well I tell ya what, I could even accept 90's. I WANNA RIDE !!!


I feel your pain :)

You're not the only one with temps in the 100's.

Almost the whole month so far has been 100 or better

and we've had 5 days over 105!

My poor, company vehicle never shuts off.

Gotta keep me cool!

Now if I could just get a/c on my bike!

Makes your TT name appropriate!

I've been riding in the 100+ degree a lot lately. It sucks, but hey...it's riding. It sures beats hanging around the house completing my 'honey-do' list. :)

I am tellin you! My Fryboys are sweatin big time :)



I hear ya Bro.! I haven't ridden since our last race. When it starts to heat up my mind turns to being near the water!! I would love to see that fog bank blow in and drop the temp 25 deg. I can't even get it together to work on my bike (new graphics). Hopefuly we can get together soon and ride.

stay cooooool

DP :)

Gee and I was complaining about the heat wave up here. It's been in the low 80's and I thought I was going to burn up :)

We have to go on evening rides and launch at a high elevation and it is still hot.. 100+ in the valley. Sure is nice to get in a ravine, feel the cool air though!


I went camping over at the coast this past weekend. Took the street bike. We did a five hour ride through the redwoods. Man, that was awesome. We camped at Dillon beach just south of Bodega Bay. It actually got cold at night. :D You gotta go with the flow. When it's too hot for the trails head for the road! We did a lot of tight twisty single track road through the back country. :) I do miss the trails though! :D

Hot it's not hot. :D Ya just got to keep moving and all is well.i love this time of year nobody else out riding. I've been filling my camelback halfway and freezing it.Keeps the water cold and me cool for a couple hours at least. :)

Fryboy did you get the package yet????

No package yet Blue! I will be looking for it though.



It got so hot in Hollister yesterday even the illegals ran for shade :)

I agree with blue, you are all a bunch of sissies. Stay home it makes less dust for me. I have been riding alomost every weekend. Start riding by 7 or 8 and get done by 12 or 1 before it gets too hot. But we haven't seen this many 100 degree + days in a few years. I do wish it would rain though.

Sissies heh? Then why do you quit riding by 12? :) You killin me !


Yep I picked a good time to bang up my toe. Too hot to ride anyway :D

Time to tear down the bike and give her some TLC.

The 6AM ride is the way to go! Its only 73* at 6 in the morning. Nice hot morning breeze blowing in your face :)

I got ya all beat, I ride with a full Parka On in 100 plus heat. I also wrap my butt up in thermals Two Pair and double up on the knee high cotton mx soxs.

Then for laughs I drink hot coffee the hotter the better. But before I even get on the bike I lay in the sun for over three hours on the tarmac at the airport....

Sissy innnndeeeeed :)

Sissies heh? Then why do you quit riding by 12? :D You killin me !


gotta get back before the wife goes to work besides it is too damn hot :)

Weve been hovering around 100 for quite a while now and today we finally got a break!

The high today has been about 80 deg! :D


Feels like 35 deg out there right now. :)

Right now 9:05 on thursday the 24 it is raining in chico and has been for about 30 minutes. I hope it keeps up long enough to knock down the dust, might actually be bearable this weekend. I haven't seen it rain in july since i can remember.

Okay, now this weather is just weird. It was 75 or so today on way to work at 7am. It was RAINING! Couldn't believe it. Now its 82 or so and its just past 10am. Too bad the rain isn't amounting to much. I WANT MUD!!!!


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