2008 YZ450 Piston Change

Hi guys, im going to do a piston change in the bike and the manual that the bike came with isnt that specific. I was wondering if there is a certain type of tool i will need once i get to taking the Cam chain bolt off? or any other specific tool. Does anyone know if there is a "how to" out there? I only found one for a YZ 250f, and it seems quite different.


What cam chain bolt?

is that the same as a grip bolt?!lol J/K i know on a ktm you need a special tool to break the cam chain.that might be what he means,or does yamaha have a master link on the cam chain?

use the OE manual. You dont know what your doing and guessing is going to result in a bad day and a large repair bill. Its a easy procedure. Just follow the manual.

You will need a flywheel puller when you take the flywheel off to replace the timing chain..

Other than that you will need a hand full of special tools to do it correctly and be able to measure clearances properly.

I might also replace my cam chain. What is the list of ALL the special tools i will need?

A flywheel puller is the only "special tool" I can think of needed to replace just the cam chain. You will need the Yamaha manual and the mechanical ability. Some time spent using the "SEARCH" function here before you tear into the engine will probably help out a lot..... This isn't an overly hard job to do, but it is possible to mess it up, and then things can get pricey to fix..... :smirk:


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