Tire Size...Again.

Is anyone running the Maxxis IT in a 120-100-18?

Whaddya think and does it rub? I'm running stock sprockets and chain.

Subject probably beat to death, but my 'puter skills aren't up to par :D

Thanks in advance, Pig Farmers :)

Looks like you're up ThumpDaddy650!... :)

I have been runnin the Maxxis IT.

Fit's great.

Actually width is rather thin.

Wish they made a 140.

It is actually 115mm wide, clearance is no problem.

Best tire made. :)

756 still the best for the front though.

Ride on!


I just installed the MAXXIS IT 120x100x18 last weekend and it fits fine with no rubbing (at least riding down the street), also put on an ironman 48 sprocket and a DID X ring. I also put the IT on the front as well. The tires that I replaced were the 756s front and back and they lasted about 800 miles. I liked the sand bite on the front with the 756 and am anxious to get to Ocotillo to try out the IT. Prior to the 756s, I ran a Bridgestone Gritty ED78 120x100x18 in the back (great tire with about 1400 miles on it) and a Pirelli MT18 on the front which also held nicely in the corners. I thought that I would try the MAXXIS and if I am not satisfied I may try out the Michelins. I called MAXXIS last February and they said that they would be coming out with a desert tire in the late summer, but the IT was what they recommended until it came out. The Rockatt man got excellent wear on his which impressed me and I think the tread pattern is a little more suited for the desert. The IT front tire tread looks like a cross between the 756 and the 739AJ. My thinking is that if I don't like it then I will ride more to wear it out. :)


I ran the ED78 rear and ED front and did not like them. Broke all the knobs off the front(sides) in 2 rides. ED78 rear was very heavy and lasted 1/3 as long as the Maxxis.

I think we ride different areas though.

Ride on!

I ran across some discussion on a tire, that may have been discussed already but when I saw

Wish they made a 140

I thought of it. Its the Tera-Flex Style 2 and it comes in 140/80-18 and 140/90-17 and they are suspossed to be DOT certified. THE PROBLEM they chew up the stock mudguard w/in a few min so people were having to anchor them back out of the way and even still not sure if thats all it took. I do know that there were a good number of people that worked out the bugs on making it work!

Here are links to see the tire www.intercotire.com/html/body_tera-flex.htm and www.mtatires.com/TERA%20FLEX%20PAGE.htm

I'm sorry but I don't remember the size that was asked about in the orginal post but I know these sizes are run but are close. I'll see if I can find pics on how close they are. Anyway maybe it'll help you with the size you were asking about!


Just to clarify, I haven't run this Tera-flex style 2 and don't know how good it is but I have heard people rave about it. I just mentioned it as reference to getting the the tire in the orginal post to fit. Maybe I generalize sizing and itsn't an exact science. I'll keep watch and learn from your post. (I do it with clothes too. My wife doesn't understand why I don't try it before I buy. I say becasue its the same size as something else I have that fits, I just buy it! am I the only one?) I'll keep looking for the pics I ran across on the tera-flex for "Gits and Shiggles: OR was it...nevermind.



Just FYI. On the CRF450R Forum there has been talk regarding the Maxxis Tires as well. One point that has been brought up there is tire pressure. It appears that the Maxxis is sensitive in this area. Guys running the same pressure as their Dunlps were having issues but once they adjusted (ran lower pressure) the Maxxis' hooked right up. I've been running 12 lbs in the rear for both the 739's I used to run and the Maxxis IT which I feel is excellent bang for the buck. I run the stock size 110/100 X 18. Of course I'm not as big as some/ most of you other "Riders On The Pig" (can I get some Doors music goin' on in the background? :)) at 5-9 170. I've been running the 739 AJ (not the original one!) since I bought it and I feel that it has served me well (like the Beast Master I am!). I really liked ThumpDaddy's 756. It will be interesting to see how the Maxxis IT works on the front of XR. I run 14 lbs in the front. I just threw on IT's front & rear on both my son's KDX & my CR500R this past weekend. Can't wait to put them through their paces. Is October here yet??? :D


EXACTLY what I was hoping to find out! I'll be trying them out for myself soon...maybe run into team Thump/Rok at Ocotillo (not literally). Promise not to laugh at my skills :)?

Thanks again,



Yeah Baby, Come play out at Ocotillo! The guys we ride with are great and we have a good time. Me & T-Diddy keep an eye on the weather reports and have been known to do early morning Ocotillo straff runs :) Get out there around 6:30 AM get 90-100 miles in and then split before noon and peak heat. Now, where we literally could run into each other would be out at Corral Canyon. Great single track riding (that's where I've been haunting through this heat wave) but I have a close call with on coming riders/quadz at least once every loop! :D Lot's of blind turns. Not for the faint of heart. Thump Daddy D is jonesing to get out in the Great Wide Open. If we could just get a cool spell ... :D

Right-on, Rokatt.

Ordered the tires (thought I'd try the Maxxis fore and aft) from local chain store today. I'd like to buy exclusively at small, family owned stores but they couldn't match prices of where I got them (Cycle Gear in Murrieta). I have limited funds for pig slop with a family and mortgage.

I have only been to Ocotillo once, just at the beginning of the heat. Early morning runs sound like the way to go!

If you run into a guy out there with #145 and Cyborg on his jersey, that will be me. Long story on the Cyborg thing :)


I got the T-Flex a few months ago, Style-2. I put a 13-tooth on it and moved the wheel back with the stock chain and sprocket enough to protect the mud guard.

Awesome tire!!! Its DOT in Style 2, massive and even intimidating. With the smaller sprocket and larger tire I can make better use 2nd & 3rd gears in tight trails. It gets so much grip when your on the throttle you have to sit on the tank!! Great for popping the front wheel up streams, logs, waterholes. Self cleaning in the mud. Scary though on the road, powerslides are common.

E-mail me and I'll send you pics of it on my bike.

Cyborg-genics, You're in. I'll PM you on the next Ocotillo run for time and where to stage, etc. In the mean time I promise not to play with matches! :D:)

2000 -

What is your e-mail address? I would love to see some phots of the Terraflex on your bike. I am serioulsy thinking about putting one on mine but do not want to go through too much hassle to get it to work.

Thanks in advance, :)


I run the tera flex and its totaly awsome I have taken off the mud guard & installed the sand sock with a 14/48 sprocket, I also have a 5.60 paddle there you need to run a stock xr400 rear 45t and the 650 14 front. I also have 13/44 combo's

Mr. Lewis,

Are you going to run the same Tera Flex on the 25th for the big ride or get a new one? Have you taken off the paddle yet? You could try the IRC M5B and see how you like that out at 3rd gear? The only problem is if there are rocks at Goler or you ride on the rocks at SunFair you would have to change the tire. If you get in a jam and run out of time I have a new Tera Flex here. :)

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