Just bought 99YZ400

I just bought a 99yz400. I was wondering if anyone could give me maitnance tips on this

Keep fresh and clean motor oil in it. Keep the air filter clean and oiled...these bikes suck serious volumes of air.

Heard of some clutch problems but I have never had any with either my 400 or the 426.

Ride and have fun!!!


When you do put in a fresh oil filter, don't try to start it for a few hours. Because these bikes suck so much air, they will suck the fresh oil right out of the filter into your carb. I bought my 99 YZ400 used and here is what I did.

Lube the rear suspension and steering head.

Changed the oil and cleaned the filter. The filter can be re-used so long as it is in good shape. Also remember to clean the one at the bottom of the frame tube. I clean my filters about every 4th ride.

Pulled off the carb and cleaned everything up on it. Inspect your throttle cables as some have been known to fray. Bad joo-joo.

Checked the valves for proper clearance, installed a new spark plug and put dielectric grease on the all the electrical connections as well as the spark plug boot (which will help you get that rascal off)

Ensured the chain was properly adjusted. What your looking for is about 2 inches of play.

Check the spokes as they will loosen up a little quicker than a lighter 2 stroke cause of the weight of the bike. While your back there check your sprocket bolts as they are known to loosen on some bikes.

If you have the manual, it is very well written and will give you alot of useful info. I'm done rambling as this all I can think of right now. Oh yeah, have fun, it's an awesome bike.


Were can i find the oil filter and were do i get a manual?

The stock oil filter is pretty robust and you can get em at your local Yamaha dealer as well as getting the owners manual.


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