Warning to all eBay users!!!

Most of you already know this, but if theres just 1 person out there that reads this that dosent know then its worth posting.

If you use eBay, never ever give out your personal info to anyone, not even if the e-mail you received looks like its from eBay. Because 999 times out of 999 its bound to be fake and they are just trying to get your eBay acct info or your credit card info.

Heres what the email will look like:


My brother got this and passed it on to me to warn others.

I know what it personally feels like to have someone fradulantly use your credit card. It happed to me personally a month ago and it was a huge headache to get it all straighted out.

So be good and never give it out if anyone asks. :)


Your mom :D

Thanks for the warning. You are right, if this saves one person from fraud it was time well spent.

Love that avatar. :)

My son works at ebay, he advised me that when you recieve this kind of stuff, contact ebay security via phone or mail. they will instruct you on what to do if any questions. Best thing is delete it. EBAY NEVER SENDS THIS INFO OUT

Good info to have, Thanks :)

I've actually received this email that MOmilkman mentioned. I would like to add that I received 5 or 6 of these so called "eBay" messages and each one of them looked slightly different than the previous one. So pay attention and don't let a different look fool you. I did forwarded all information to eBay and it took several weeks but they got it stopped. Just watch closely because when eBay responds it also may look similiar to the bogus emails. The main thing is to not click on any link that ask about your registration or personal information.

Another Fyi

As I stated My son works for ebay. They have a very good security team ( I WILL IMPHASIZE AGAIN)


Is it the ebay office on Hamilton and Bascom? One of the many cherry orchards 2 stroke terrorized when we were kids.

Ya it is. Do you rememebr when the Blossom hil and Almaden was a dairy farm?

Yamaha of San jose (Alan Barbic) took over the dairy. We used to fish for Black Bass in the creaks and perc ponds behind what is now oakridge mall.

Almaden was a 2 lane road to blossom hill all the way to the dams

Yes, my grandparents emigrated to San Jose in the early 1900's. They had a few acres outside of town near Malone & Curtner. Today that's about the center of town. No doubt the Italians from the old country were farmers. They owned most of the orchards until high tech developed in the '60's.

There are perc ponds in Campbell near McGlincy where FOX started. They are all over the south end of the Valley. Great place to grow up in its day. I think you can say that about most small towns of that time.

Ya my Grand parents lived near those Campbell percs know those as well.

Well I guess if it wasnt for the whore mongering EVIL capitalist like Ebay we would still have orchards.

BrandonW Now I understand what you are talking about (EVIL CAPITALIST) :)

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