426 Timin Chain Question

Re-building my head and cylinder on a 2001 YZ426F because I broke a valve near the lifter but luckily no cylinder or head damage. Should I change out my timing chain and tensioner or not? And any other suggestions?

Thank you

GrayRacer - Thanks for all your posts on TT, I've found everything including EdCo from those.

cheap insurance. id replace it

That was quick, thanks

Next question, with the head and cylinder off, is it hard? or how do I unloop it from the bottom end? Excuse my ignorance, this is the first time I've pulled apart a 4 stroke.

Perfect, thanks!

Last question - what brand timing chain would you recommend?

I'm pretty sure the OEM Yamaha chain has been on my bike since 2001 which is pretty awesome. Don't want to purchase one of a lesser quality.


Thanks, and I lied, not the last question

On the top end gasket kit, Is the Cometic brand reputable?

just as good as anything out there.. ive used the cheap tusk brand gaskets and have never had a problem with them

Hey, All!

I have a few quick questions on doing this job, pertaining to an '06 model YZ450F. I hope this isn't a "hijack" of this thread, and may be somewhat relevant......

1. Does a person typically need to replace the gasket that goes between the ignition cover, and the rt. side crankcase? I will need to pull this cover to do this job, correct?

2. Do the gaskets on that cover, if replaced, and the tensioner, go on "dry", or with a little grease, or with Yamabond?

3. On the parts fiche for the cam chain/tensioner, ther is a little round part called a gasket, on the tensioner, I believe. On the parts fiche, it actually looked like a washer for one of the tensioner bolts. I'm sorry I can't give the p/n; my work computer is screwin' up on the parts fiche website I use.... B) Added in EDIT: It's #8 below, p/n 90430-06014-00, a "Gasket"......


Thanks for any help, and I apologize if I shouldn't have posted this here. I want to try and minimize my bike's downtime, and have all my parts needed, if possible...... :smirk:


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fixed my computer probs......

  1. Not if you're careful, but it doesn't hurt to have one handy. And Yes.
  2. Dry. A spot of YB at the harness grommet if you want.
  3. There's a gasket under the tensioner, and on the '06 and later, there is a copper washer (your "gasket") on one of the bolts holding it to the engine.

Thanks, Grayracer513!!!

You're much appreciated!! :smirk:


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