Best tire deals

I can't find anyone that can beat Chaparral - how about you guys?

hard to say, but with Chaparral you have to understand that it might be 2 months before you actually receive those "cheap" tires.

if you like dunlop's (752,755,756,739) then you need to talk with Jim Cook at he has a special where he ships you 2 rear tires and 1 front tire for $165 (shipping is included).

Roostn: There are 1 too may o's in discount to make the URL work. Once I corrected it, I was able to visit the site. Thanks.


Great prices, lots of inventory and very good service.

Use They are a shop located just down the street from me and have the lowest prices I can find. I used to get tires from all over but now I use them exclusivelly. They are cheaper even having to pay sales tax.

Roostn in Denver

Thanks guys - I have a $99 deal going for two tires - one 18" and one 19" - from Chaparral. I'll do a comparo with the sites to see if anyone else does better.


Perilli is having a special. Ask your dealer if he can get any. I got a rear for $55.


I just got new tires from Rocky Mountain last week. M59 front and the new M78 120 wide for the rear(this thing is a monster!!). With shipping the total was $124. They have the M78 for much cheaper than I have seen it anywhere. They came in about 4 days from CO. To IL. The same day I ordered tires for the street bike from Chapparal and they did not have my first two choice of models in stock. I had to go with the third choice before they had some. NOTE: These were not "odd" sized tires. I have had similar problems with stuff being in stock with Chapparal.

I looking for tires, and the cheapest prices I've seen are from Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse (MAW) at For an example, I'm looking at the Dunlop 756s (80/100x19 and 110/90x21). From Chaparral they're $52 and $61. From MAW they're $48 and $55. I don't know about the shipping, it could be a wash after that...

Got my last set of Michelin S12's from They do the ol' meet or beat, but have pretty low prices to begin with and reasonable shipping. I suggest calling the 800# to check stock and get the best price. is the cheapest! Especially when you consider shipping charges. Some places make their money in "shipping and handling" charges. They have dicount packages when you get a front and rear dunlop too.

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