2008 WR450F Questions

Has anyone tried the Dynatech ignition box?

Is there a quick shift module that piggy backs on the Dynatech? What brand?

As far as Slipper clutch's-What year YZF450F kits will also fit on a 2008 WR450F?

All the vendors of slipper clutch's only have part numbers for the YZF450F application.

Obviously the 2010/11 YZF is a different motor-so no go on that part#.


Looking at the GYTR clutch parts it seems everything but the pressure plate 04-11 fit, on the pressure plate an 03-07 I think work. I'd say you'd be pretty safe getting the clutch for a 06 YZ450f. I know I have all the GYTR clutch parts matching that year on my 07 WR (same as 08).

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