Rubber Chicken Racing

Anybody had dealings with Matt@RCR, I've been waiting for a Lighting coil for 5 mths so far. No response via e-mail anymore and his website has gone. Any of you ppl know if he's still around as I'm £125.00 out of pocket :-(



Not to be cynical, but what do you expect from a company named like that? Come on....Rubber Chicken Racing? That's almost like...."Screw Me Racing". Sorry about your misfortune.

Well you would think that but I found the guy on this Forum (well he found me) - so I assumed others here had had dealings with him already and he was legit.


I can't believe that someone would rip off people from this group!

For your sake and the credability of this newsgroup I hope that he comes through with your coil.

Have you thought about going over and feeding him some MAD COW MEAT to the value of 125.00 pound?

Good luck :)

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