Can I do it? Why not??

I need a bit of help, having real problems with my 99 WR 400 F. I raced it in a bit of a challanging event called Kamafari, (youtube it, it's a good watch) the bike died on me and and i can't for the life of me work out why, it wasn't even under water at the time! I think i have narrowed the issue down to the carby and I was looking to replace it (it's a little worse for wear anyway). Does anyone know if I can replace it with a YZ 400 F carby? As these are alot eaiser to come by then the WR carby.


Yes, you can. 426 carb is a better swap out if you can find one, as you get internal hot start and don't have to worry about the slide cracking issue. Only difference, besides some jetting, between WR and YZ is the air cut issue

Thanks mate, I'll try get my hands on the 426 then. :smirk:

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