Riding the Cape

Fellow TT'ers,

I gotta share this with you all, I have just come back from an 8 day trip from Cape York (right at the very top of Australia) down to Cairns. Its about 1500km of riding in some seriously fast, sandy, rocky, some slippery, snake infested, pig infested, emu roaming bitchin country.

I have done a lot of riding and I can tell you that with 15 mates along this was a trip of a life time.

I now need to go to the Betty Ford Clinic but hey it was all well worth it. Check out the link, and if you get a chance to spend some of that American dosh, this is a fantastic trip. Roy Kunda who owns the operation is fantastic, very on to it, very fast rider with some of the best sights and riding you will see anywhere !!!!!!


The bikes are mainly DRZ400's but then considering the monkey butt I get from my WR450 after a days riding :) , they are probably a good choice.

Anyway check out the link if you are interested.

Cape York Motocycles

:D Dean

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