E-Start Strange Noise

Just got a WR450 Supermoto and the e-start is making a whining/whirring sound when operated...

  • Sounds like when you try to start a car thats already running (that horrible sound)
  • Its only when using the e-start, the bike kicks as normal with no noise
  • New battery installed
  • Took the cover off and all the gears look fine

Not sure if its turning the motor over as it should as it just about starts the bike after 5+ seconds and only if its already warmed up and dosnt sound like its turning the motor over many times while holding the button but as i've not had one before i'm not sure if thats right?

If it's like my 2005 WR it's the starter shaft not fully engaging with the torque limiter. A metal on metal sound. After swapping parts and messing with this thing for a few years, the only remedy was to buy a new side cover. The cover holds the torque limiter in place and determines how the shaft and limiter will mesh. After all that aggravation, I finally gave up and took all the starting components off the bike.


Thanks very much for your reply, i think i get what you mean, your saying there may be extra play on the gear thats sat on the shaft due to the outer case not compressing it all together enough causing the gears not to mesh properly?

That does make sense but there are no marks on any of the gears suggesting slipping and grinding?

I did spot a circular shim between the outer casing and the gear so maybe worth adding some more to eliminate play further?

Also what grease should be used on these gears?

This the cover you mean? (number 3)


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From that diagram, it looks like you have a 2003 or previous model. Mine is a 2005 and the design has changed, but the concept is the same. The distance between the gear in the diagram, number 4, and the starter shaft is too great. They are too far apart for complete meshing.

If it is correct that this is a previous year, you will want to educate yourself on a mod that will correct problems with this years starting system. It will involve a new case anyway.

Let me find a link for you.


Yeah sorry its an 03, link would be great :-)

Has it been upgraded to the 04+ setup? If not, you probably have the broken key and other issues common with the 03 stuff.

Do a search on 03 starter upgrade and you'll find out all you need to know.


No its still 03 setup, will get searching.

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