flywheel puller question

I have a flywheel puller from moose racing that worked on my old 05 250 two stroke. I used it in conjunction with my clutch holding tool that had two little pins on the opposite side meant to hold a flywheel.

Will these tools work on my 2010 450 or will I have to buy a new flywheel puller/holder?

Just curious, I'm sure there will be work down the road on this bike just want to be prepared.

Neither will work (although the clutch holder may hold the clutch).

The flywheel puller is the same one used on the '06 and later YZ450, and on the CRF450.

To hold the flywheel for the purpose of torquing the nut, all you need is a 19mm open end.

Thx for the clarification.

It was only 20$ so another one isn't going to break the bank. Worst thing ever is getting into the engine and halfway through a job when you realize that the tool you thought would work doesn't and everybody is closed :smirk:

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