draining fuel?

I'm new to the whole 4-stroke/fuel injection deal and was wondering what is the best way to drain the fuel on my '10 YZ 450 for the winter? I've been using straight VP U4.4 since new but would like to drain it for the winter anyway, although I'm a bit late! Also, any other tips for "winterizing" to make things easier come spring? Thanks!

Gotta take the tank off, the pump blocks fuel flow when it's not on.

Pretty simple, remove the two bolts on the side to raise the tank for air filter maint, then remove the two bolts that the tank hinges on.

In your little baggy of stuff that came with the bike are a couple of block off pieces for the hose connector for the fuel pump. You want to keep ALL DIRT OUT of the lines, as the injector is very sensitive to dirt.

There is a fuel filter in the pump mech, but where you disconnect the hose connector from the tank to the injector there is no, so again don't want any dirt in there. Use the two peices to seal off the hoses.

To remove the connector you need to remove the orange cover first, just slide it forward onto the hose and off of the connector, then you can pinch the connector to remove the line and disconnect it from the harness. The manual goes into detail for this.

After you remove the tank, dump it upside down to drain the fuel.

Personally I would just use fuel stabilizer as it's alot easier. Dump the recommended amount in and put the cap back on and rock the bike back and forth to mix it up good. Run the bike for a few minutes to get the stabilizer into the lines and injector and then shut if off.

Or just suck the fuel out with a siphon pump...

This year i took off the air filter and fogged the $hit out of it. I put Sea Foam in the tank and ran that through, then drained the carb and tank. We'll see what happens in spring.

i don't think it happens on plastic tanks but keeping the tank full to the brim will stop condensation

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