cheap oversized radiators on ebay?

hello, new at this but does anyone have any advice on the oversized radiators found on ebay(around 100-150 for the pair)? im lookin at putting a set on my 01 yz 426 and just wandering if the are reliable,will braces still fit,and things like that.



link ?

you can do a search if you want as they have been discussed before. However on here I have found a few who said their bike overheats with them and some who race with them for years. I have a set in a box for my '04 and I can tell you the quality is awesome. Very nice material and welds. I don't know how they fit but the flange where they bolt to the frame is straight and not recessed like my oems so it appears that this would make them about 1/4" wider. But not sure as I haven't bolted them up. I'm sure they will fit fine with some minor tweaking. I figure for 70 bucks a piece it was worth the gamble!

I've had them on 2 bikes, a YZ250F and a YZ450F. In both cases the build quality was excellent and for $150 a pair you can't beat them. On my 450 they didn't fit right, the top spout hit the gas tank since the radiators were thicker than stock, so I had to make a radiator lowering kit to get them to work (I could have bought a radiator lowering kit, but I could make one much cheaper). On the 250F they fit without any issue. I've crashed with them many times and they have held up great. I did manage to bend one, but it never leaked (and it had been through way more than the stock ones handle).

Unfortunately, both of my experiences were on aluminum framed YZ's, so I'm not sure how the fitment will be for the steel framed ones. Other than my one minor fitment issue, I love these radiators.

not sure of an exact link,but on ebay yz 426 radiators. A few different companies are selling them with minor differences in price,they all look identical and claim quality tig welded and no epoxy. hope this helps. the price does seem right and the old girl is already getting a winter time face lift,not to mention that every once in awhile it likes to puke after tight trails in mid summer. probably going to throw on a boysen pump while its tore down also.

thanks all

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I bought a set of these off of ebay for about 118 I think and am impressed with the overall build of them and like how much thicker they are over stock. I did have to do some tweaking to the left radiator to make the upper spout not hit the gas tank all the time, I hadn't thought of making a lowering kit nor do I know how to make one. But overall I think it has improved my bike a lot and I don't think it gets hot as often or as easy.

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