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Clark what do you think of the new ‘Bergs?

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It looks like you are in the market for a new thumper and I respect your tremendous knowledge and experience with four strokes. What do you think of the new ‘Bergs?

The latest Dirt Bike is raving about the new Husaberg FC470. A few quotes from a brief First Impression:

“We got to swing a leg over the all-new FC470, and the thumper is so good we had to sneak it into this issue”

Engine - “It has more flywheel like a Euro-enduro, so it doesn’t have YZF[426] snap, but it feels as potent.”

Suspension – [WP–PDS shock] “Action is stiffer than the 520SX, with the fork being softer than the excellent shock.” [The 520 SX is too way soft according to the 520SX test in the same issue]

Handling – “… because this is the RM250 of thumperdom. It turns sharper and with less effort than any other thumper we have tested, but it also goes straight at insane speeds.”

Weight - “Were talking two-stroke 250 weight here.”

It is a six speed and it also comes in 550!! There is also an e-start version available. This all sounds too good to be true.

Please enlighten us with your thoughts.


Eric in WA

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I was really tempted by the ’00 ‘bergs so any improvements to these things will likely tempt me even more. My DB subscription ran out (Darnit!), I guess I’ll have to run to the bookstore. I seem to remember DB not liking the way the ’00 turned, I read the ’01 chassis was stiffer…

I called Premier (PHX), they said they are getting several models in the next few weeks, same story at NCY (CA). This is what else I found out:

FX is comparable to KTM’s MXC (6 speed, 2.73 gallons, extra 1 gallon tank that fits under seat nicely is avail, almost 4 gal. dez tank is also avail.), has e-start and is 243 lb.s, retail is $7,395 and is avail in 650 & 470.

FC is 228 lb.s $6,995, also 2.73 gallons, 6 speed close ratio, you can also get the aux. tank or dez tank with the kick-start FC and is 470 or 550 like Eric said.

Motors now have counterbalancer, waterpump is now lower in cases and cools backwards (cyl first then head) relative to ’00 and they are supposed to be even easier to start. Plus Husaberg is now using KTM’s parts dist. network so parts should be more available, plus they are planning on selling way more bikes this year than last.

Pics (sorry, but they’re not that big):



That black thing below the seat might be the aux. tank.



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I followed with intrest the improvements to Husabergs over the years and the 01's sound like they will be a home run. However, I'v been waiting for a test and would snap one of the e starts up in a minute if I could street it in Calif without having to do the dork dance with the DMV to a uncertain outcome. It will be interesting to follow the Husabergs and the other new thumpers which are on the one year horizon.

The Yamaha 4 stroke(s)package is still outstanding, however, the competition is really making progress and since I really have no brand loyality I will purchase the best light weight big bore four stroke I can street and use for my next bike.


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why don't you try five loaves & fish?

we're not worthy, we're not worthy!!!


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