RMF 450 in January?

I called North American Motorcyle brokers on 7-21-03 and was asking Zak about the RMF250`S He said he was getting 60 of them in Setember and he said he was getting the Yzf 250`s in August. Just out of curiousity I asked him if he had heard anything about a RMF 450 and he told me he was getting them in January. Now I find this hard to believe since I haven`t read anything about Suzuki releasing a RMF 450 in 2004. Let me know if you guy`s heard anything about this, and Zak`s number is (250)558-7577 feel free to check into this yourself.

that guy is a little sketchy it will probably be a 2005 and or they will introduce them progressively like everyother manyfacturer did with their 4 stroke race bikes :)

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