Project Bike KLX 140L - Help Needed !

Want to build a KLX 140 L for some trail riding and field riding. I am 50 years old, 5' 8" and 180 Lbs. I currently ride a Kaw 220 R, but I have a 10 year old son riding a KLX 140 L (I put KX 85 small wheels on it for him). But we want

to build a Hot Rod 140 L, so I can ride it and then he can grow into it later. I have been considering 160cc kit, carb kit, pipe, air box mods, maybe a cam, as for the bike I was wondering if I should use a KX 100 or KX 125 frame and try to put a 140 motor in, or just use the 140 frame and put forks and shock in it. Does anyone know if you can put larger wheels on a KLX 140 if you change out the forks and shock. Like can you put a 21" on the front and an 18" on the rear like a KDX 220. The ergo of the bike feels a little small, but maybe you guys know how to improve that with bar mounts or etc. I would also like to ask for you to post some photos of your modified bikes if you will. Does anyone know how to change the color of the plastic or change the plastic. Does any of the gas tanks from KX 100 or KX 125 fit in the frame so we could use their tank shrouds ?? Thanks for all of your help with this project. Can't wait to see this little Thumper go like it should !!!! Lots of fun, to have out there in the dirt. Thank you again for any info or pics.

I can be reached at (919) 810- 3560

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I don't think I'd go with larger wheels than the 19/16 combo. There is a thread a little farther down about installing KX85/KX100 forks and shock on the KLX. That would be my recommendation. Then start on your engine mods.

Come on Guys, I need some advise - only 1 out of 115 ?

IMO i think trying to put the 140 motor in to KX125 frame is pointless. Just start like Wandell said above,

The bike is really FUN. I have the KX100 forks and shock, Two Brothers pipe, airbox mods and bigger jets. I really want to ENGINES ONLY big bore, cam, carb and head porting done, but you'll need est $1500 for the full package. This would be the way to go if you have the money to get it done.

I worked with a 140 before, and IMO-- you'd be way better off getting something else to do what you're trying to do with the 140. Why not get a 150R if you aren't planning on racing? --L*64

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