Fried Something

So, I have been in the process of installing my DIY street legal kit the last few weeks and think I may have fried a fuze somewhere.

I have a TUSK taillight and horn wired directly to the battery as I haven't had time to wire them through the on/off switch yet. Yesterday after a good ride I thoroughly washed the bike. After washing the starter would no longer work. I am assuming that I must have shorted either the horn or the taillight somewhere and killed a fuze. :smirk: The bike fires up fine with the kicker but I am way too lazy to kick the bike for any length of time.

Question is: where should I start looking to find my problem.

After checking everything on the whole bike a few times I decided to swap the battery out for a new one. That fixed everything. Stupid battery wasn't more than 6 months old either.

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