Anyone up for riding in CO the week of Mon. 8/11-Fri. 8/15?

Howdy y'all!

I'm considering either flying in for some fly fishing on the Frying Pan over the weekend of 8/9...OR taking that whole next week off, trailering the bike down from MN, and riding the whole week of 8/11-8/15. :) Does anyone have some time off that would consider hitting some trails anywhere in CO (or even Moab, UT) during that time? Dougie? Stefe? Wicked? MadPotter? Bueller...Bueller? :D

Right now, I dont have anyone to ride with to make it worth while to trailer the ol' bike back to my homelands...not that flyfishing for a weekend would be a bad thing...just that it would be SO MUCH MORE COOL to do both!

Let me know soon as I need to make travel arrangements either way...

Larry "used to be CO"

Larry would like to let me know what day and I will call in sick and go. I live in Arvada and I think that you use to live in golden if I am not mistaken?

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