WR450F + 09 YZ Cams + FMF 4.1 Megabomb + CP High Comp 13:1 + Vortex ignition - Dyno

While recovering from an ACL reconstruction in my right knee I thought I'd have the motor rebuilt in the '08' WR with '09' YZ Cams, CP High Comp Piston 13:1, FMF 4.1 Megabomb full titanium system + Vortex X10 Ignition, then had it jetted to suit & dynoed.

The end result.... MAP-0 on the vortex

Max Power - 50.08 hp @ 8500 rpm

Max Torque - 32.82 ft-lbs @ 7000 rpm

Jetting as follows

Main - #170

Pilot - #45

DSQ Needle - 3rd Clip

Fuel Screw - 1 1/4 turns out

More cosmetic mods to come!


Any chance we could get a higher resolution image? I'd like to see a dyno run from stock to compare to!

Here is the link to a higher resolution dyno image...

Think the stock WR puts out under 40hp without de-restricting???

The dyno shop had recently done a WR450F with a white bros full system + vortex Ignition with stock cams which had 45 Max hp. When compared to my graph I had a fatter curve all the way from when the throttle was cracked off the bottom :smirk:

Ahhh, now that looks like it definitely breathed some life into your bike!

yep sure did... more like a fire breathing monster!!! Ohhh and it's street legal here in AUS... but lets keep that on tha down lo hahahahha

They also compared my bike with a stock 2010 YZ which ran identical power curves but just had 2hp more in the over-rev...

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