1985 xt600 no runner

Hey there, this is my first post to these forums. So I purchased a 1985 Yamaha xt600 not running, and so far I've cleaned out the carb, and confirmed that the cdi and the ignition coil are both bad, haven't gotten to anything else yet but Im sure there's more. I ordered a service manual online for it, but turned out it was for a 1990 with elec start, so not everything is the same. I've ordered a new cdi box and coil, but figured I'll check the pickup coil/stator next and the regulator/rectifier to see what else it needs. So my question is what other issues might I run into once I manage to get it to start? (internal engine/etc) It has 14k miles on it and seems to have good compression. Also, the decompression cable is out of adjustment, and my manual doesn't have that in there. How do I adjust this? And where can I purchase cheap parts for this thing? Everything is quite pricey! Sorry for all the questions, I'm fairly new to motorcycles, usually ride atv's. Thanks in advance for the help!

Also, can I relace a rear rim to the front for the supermoto look? Or is there an easier way to do this? Thanks again!!!

Good luck finding a manual, I don't think any exist any longer.

If you'd like, you can download a XT550 manual, search the vintage section, it's in there.

Known problems: CDIs tend to fail. I know of at least three people with a 550 where the pulser coil failed. I know the 600 uses a different pulser, hopefully that problem has been solved. Other than that, they're very reliable.

Supermoto wheels, either lace 'em or buy 'em. I've seen other people spend $900 to have a shop buy, lace and mount tires on other bikes, your best bet is to DIY. I won't say it's easy, but it's not hard either. It is time consuming though. If I were you, I'd start looking for a front hub now.

Thanks for the info Smacaroni! Yea I figured I'd do the lacing myself, just need to find a rear rim for sale (and accumulate funds, I have a 91 mustang GT and a 73 bajabug siphoning most of my cash ). I talked to the guys at RMSTATOR.COM and they said even though they don't have a part number on it, I can send my stator/pulsar coil to them for repair, and it'll cost as much as a used one so it just makes sense. I need to test it first (bike's at my father's shop), but Im sure it's going to test bad with my luck lol.

Cool, the first bike I bought new was an 85 xt600, I bought it when I was like 3:rolleyes:. I find most of my parts on ebay. When looking for parts always ask questions and make sure to look for the sellers feedback as it will tell you alot about them and how they conduct business.

What about this manual.


Make sure to post some pictures and keep us informed on how the bike is coming along:thumbsup:

Ok, so I got a hold of a new hyperpak CDI for $140 shipped (thanks ebay!), and I think Im going with a yz-80 ignition coil (same 80mm bolt spacing) because I've read that it works fine, plus $25 is alot better than $150 lol. Still haven't checked the stator/source coils, work and school have been kicking my butt..... But Im extremely motivated to fix this one up before any of my other projects, mainly because my daily driver gets about 14mpg and commuting is killing me. Considering I only paid $350 for the bike (with clear title!) I should be able to get her going (assuming that the PO didn't lie to me about just needing electrical work) for a total of under $1000. We'll see.... anyways, I'll upload a pic or two of the beast later, my work's computers just blocked off photobucket. And if anyone has any advice, please don't hestitate to chime in!

You can use a proxy to bypass your work's restrictions.

Oh, you wanted advice on the bike? Is the YZ stator going to provide enough current to run the lights? I'm pretty sure you're gonna need them on the road. Also, I think the XT600 uses a single pulser coil, you're going to need to adapt it or the YZ coil will need to have one.


Also, I found this not too long ago, but I don't know anything about it: http://www.powerdynamo.biz/eng/systems/7317/7317main.htm

proxy's are all blocked, that was the first thing I tried :thumbsup:

And not a yz80 stator, but the ignition coil. And the XT 600 have a dual phase stator anyways ( one pickup at 12 deg and another at 36 deg), but hell if I could get it to work I would probably try that too lol. That setup in the link is pretty sweet, but how much would 252 euros be? And the tach won't work? Plus, I'd prefer to use my hyperpak CDI anyways. Can't find any oem stators for sale for under $623 so looks like a rewind is going to be my only option, and I hope that they can repair the pickup coils too being that they don't show a part number for the kickstart XT's. I swear, I got one of the few XT years that is a total PITA to find parts for lol. xt550 stators are all over the place! As are the XT600E stators! I just want to ride her..... :lol: Well here's a pic of the $350 beast:


BTW we already trimmed the sagging front fender a bit, so it's looking slightly better (except for the fact it's in a few pieces right now lol).

BTW it's worth noting that I purchased this bike within 15 minutes of it being posted on craigslist for $500obo. I got to the guy's house about an hour after he posted it and he'd already recieved numerous phone calls offering more than asking price, so she's my lucky thumper lol.

And thanks for that link smacaroni! :thumbsup: I've spent hours online searching for stators and whatnot, and I've never came across that link. Worst case scenario, it's nice to know that I have a "&%$#@! it" card to pull if I can't figure it out or give up lol.

Oh, I know too much about the big bore XT stator, let me tell you that.

550 stators all over the place? Really? Damn! Where was that when I needed one? Just like the XT225 for $900 that came up on CL today. I needed that this time exactly 12 months ago. Bought a TTR and dual sported it instead (probably for the best, because of the XT's self destructing hubs, but...)

Your $350 XT600 looks 20 times better than my $375 XT550 from 2008:


in progress:

b4-after_composite_640.jpg (click for biggie size)

as she is today:


Oh, my bad. Yeah, ANY CDI motorcycle ignition coil will work provided it has the same number of terminals on it.

XT550 has "two", but if you look close, the second one is actually tied to ground, hence just one.

Somewhere I wrote a list of coils that I think would work because of the funny boot the XT used, not sure if the 600 had the same funny boot or not, I don't think it was on my list, so I'm guessing no.

Yes, a YZ should work fine. Sometimes I read stuff and my brain gets ahead of my eyeballs, then I'm going backwards as evidenced by my prior post.

Hey nice bike! I've always had a thing for older thumpers (my next one will be a dual rear shock setup), so I lucked out on this bike pretty well, just that the parts are a PITA to find! And your right, xt550 stators are few and far between as well (I might have been thinking of the CDI box), don't know what the hell I was thinking. It's sad really, I have a 91 mustang GT project (needs a fuel pump) and a 73 baja bug project (needs everything) but I probably won't even be looking at those suckers till I get the bike running. Hell, my email inbox is mostly parts vendors for this bike! Is it wrong that Im obsessed with a bike that doesn't even run yet? lol.

You can get the 550 coil rewound, which won't do a lick of good if your pulser coil has taken a dump (from my tally, this is more common).

I'm ashamed to admit that I've not been very diligent with the non-Hyperpac CDI as I should be. I'll be honest, after it kicked me back hard enough to throw me off, I'm just not as motivated as I was before that incident.

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