Tire Pressure for 2002 TTR125L

Anyone happen to know what the tire pressure (psi) should be for a 2002 TTR125L?



make it 10 if you want to grip better :)

yes 15 p.s.i. is a good all around pressure, if you ride in the rocks you may want to bump the front up to 16 or 17 p.s.i. so you don't pinch a tube. on the other side of the coin, you may want to run the rear at 12 or 13 p.s.i. in the sand.

Like Nev YZ said, it depends on the terrain. If it's mostly real deep sandy trails like here in florida you want like around 10psi, if your in a rooted rocky trails you would go 15 or even 18psi.

In sandy trails a high tire pressure will give a tendancy for front wheel washout in turns, in rocky rooted sections a low tire pressure will bend rims.

I put 20 in my rear tire when I'm just riding around in a dusty field and practicing my racing starts cuz the backtire doesn't want to grip and it just spins

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