WR450 front tire sizes?

Any issues with running a 90/90-21 or a 90/100-21 on the front instead of the stock 80/100-21?

I prefer running the 90/100-21 for the extra traction over the 80. You may want to adjust your fork height in the triples as it is a little taller tire.

And you want to be running a large rear tire with it as well, 120/100 anyways.

A friend of mine with a SX450f was broke, and his rubber was done. So I gave him one of my used 90/100-21 for the front and he salvaged a 100-100-19 from a 250f for the rear. Looked hilarious and handled like crap :smirk:

There is a lot of sharp protruding rocks here and on some med - high speed trails.

I'm looking to have a bit more cushion between the rim and tire.

I'll catch one of these rock's every now and then and I swear if feels like the bare rim hitting the rock. I know the suspension could probably be better (It's stock except heavier springs for my fat a**), and I have never really felt "comfortable" with the front end of my bike, keeping in mind I have nothing to compare it to, and I can't say I'm a experienced suspension tuner.

I hope to do some self education next year in that department now that I have the engine sorted out, and making it look pretty this winter.

A guy in our group runs one of those taller tires, and he uses a trials tire and auto clutch, too. The bike never has flats nor breaks down and goes through the nastiest stuff. It feels weird to me but it's set up perfect for his needs; rides a lot of rocks and ruts.

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