PWK swap on 02 cr250

I can't seem to find the info in a search so here i am

I just picked up a used keihin 38 pwk and the bike has a boysen rad valve and pc platinum pipe on it and i would like to get some base line jetting recommendations.

I have access to a bunch of keihin needles and it has a #7 slide in the carb.

1500- 3000 elevation

50-75 temps

Thanks for any help

I couldn't find any info in that tread about a 02 with a pwk.

Somebody out there have some info they would share?

I had installed the stock 2000 cr250 pwk into my 05, it had the stock 00 jetting I think. Anyways, it worked pretty well just like that. I think it was 45 pilot, 175 main, 3rd clip.

I later ended up going with a JD needle, 175 or 172 main, 45 pilot. Cant remember the color of the JD needle though. I followed the JD guidelines for the yz250 kit.

thanks for the reply.

Did you like the jd or the stock 2000 jetting?

Do you know what pwk needle the 2000 carb had in it?

thanks for the reply.

Did you like the jd or the stock 2000 jetting?

Do you know what pwk needle the 2000 carb had in it?

Did you buy a PWK from a YZ?

If so, start by buying the needle and jets for a 99-00 PWK from Honda. That will give you your base, and may work just fine for you.

the stock 2000 needle worked pretty well, I just happened to have a JD kit, so I tried it and like the JD needle a bit better and stayed with it until I installed a 36mm keihin instead.

The PWK stock 2000 Needle is 715/289R.

I just pulled the needle out and i think it is off a 2000.

The numbers are all most impossible to read compared to the brass.

There are three stacked rows of numbers



can't read the other 2 rows even with a magnifying glass.

I,m going to put that carb on the 02 we are freshening up

and on my bike which is a 01 motor in put into a 02 frame i did buy new pwk from JD.

almost done with the swap and it looks amazing. the bike looks almost brand new.

Thanks for the reply's.

I couldn't find any info in that tread about a 02 with a pwk.

Somebody out there have some info they would share?

02-07 will benefit from the same jetting with a PWK swap (changed for your particular mods / altitude / weather of course). Same goes for the 01.

I ran the 289 needle (2000 CR needle) but I wasn't 100% happy with it, bought the JD kit and got what I was looking for (their needle was the ticket in my case).

With your 2000 CR needle something in the 175-178MJ and 50-52PJ will get you in the general ballpark (any smaller on the PJ and I lost bottom end from it being too lean). I think I had it on the 3rd / 2nd clip, and moved it around but like I said, just didn't do it for me with my riding / altitude / etc...

Will the 06 yz pwk work also on a 06 cr then

It will fit like a glove!

wil a 39mm pwk work

it may squeeze in but you will be taking alot away from your low end power and put it on top, if your fine with that go for it you still may have some trouble jetting though

Does anybody know if you can a 39mm pwk on a 2002-2003 cr 250

well my 38mm pwk is on the way and im goin to do some ridin in the mountains of west nc. Elevation is from 999 to about 2500 and the temps r supposed to b in the low 70s can anyone give me a quick ballpark im unsure whats in it at the moment but any info is appreciated.

should of specified for jetting lol

Not to resurrect an old thread but I just bought a 38mm Air Striker and this is what I was recomemded to use by a member on the ATM forum. Also did some research on my own and found people using very similar jetting with the Keihin.

Elevation 250-1000 ft

Temps 53-64 spring/fall and 71-95 summer



Air Screw-1.25-1.5 Turns Out

Needle-1370DKA- 2nd Clip (stock needle on 99 CR250)

Slide- #7

Float level-16mm

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I would set the float level to 17.5. I find that 16mm pukes way to much fuel out the over flow with just a little off vert and bumps.Kinda shortens the mileage out of a tank of gas as well. If you ride the open all the time and have throttle

wide open you might need to have a higher level.

On my '03 CR250 with a PWK from a '00 CR250, I'm running the following:

Main - 178

Pilot - 48

Air screw - 1.25 out

Needle - stock, 4th clip position in Fall/Winter/Spring (<70). Back to the 3rd for Summer.

Slide - #7 (stock for '00)

Float at 16mm.

With the same jetting and the 1370DKA on my '01 CR250, I had part throttle pinging through the 4th clip position so I switched back to the stock needle. It had really good power except for the pinging. Switched back to the stock needle (A715-289...) and it went away.

After I have my squish modified, I'll probably try the 1370DKA again.

Update: Tried the 1370DKA today at the track, with otherwise the above jetting. Ran really good in the 4th clip position. Probably would have ran a little better with in the 3rd clip position. May try that next time out.

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