buried it up to the top of the wheels in sand

recently I went to the dunes and hit a patch of loose wet sand and buried it to the top of the wheels I searched and couldn't find anything regarding anything like this. my bike was buried for close to an hour as I was by myself the question I have is the sand went past the outer cup and the seal and was sitting on the sealed wheel bearing,

do I need to replace the wheel bearings ?

AND I am going to take the suspention all apart and re- grease , is there anything else that anyone can think of that needs done

You may want to pull the valve cove rto see if you sucked any sand up the crank case breather as well...

cool good idea I need to check the valves again anyway and do you guys know if I should replace the wheel bearings they don't seem like they have any grit in them

How do you sink the front wheel in wet sand? I ride Glamis often....and the sand only gets that soft when it is VERY dry. I'm not saying it didn't happen....just curious.

it rains allot up here in the winter,I have never seen it before but the guys I usually ride with have . the sand just looked wet when I hit it I absolutely stopped, and both tires were completely buried. it was Quicksand, here is a link as how it forms http://www.unmuseum.org/quicksand.htm

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