Getting the GYTR power tuner, which map do you prefer ?

I'm the same, tried a few but ended up with the Marmont map and loved it. Ran it with that all year.

Need a bit of advice here though. I've recently installed a DT1 power filter and cage, and am in the process of adding the Cycra powerflow vented rad covers for the theoretical 40% air fow improvement. By the time its all back together I'll have little to no time to test.

Will the airflow increase have any effect on the mapping? I mean am I likely to need to re-map anything as a result? If so what is the probable effect, just so I know which direction to go in I'm guessing it would be on the fuel maps? Anyone know?


The map you have here, is it a custom map you made or if not where did you get it? I was thinking it was the Marmont map, but checked the map database here on TT and it's different than what's in that thread for the Marmont map. OBTW that "Marmont map" is also known as the Dr. D very aggressive map. Bottom line as far as I can tell the map you have above is pretty close to the Dr. D/Marmont map in the IGN areas, but much leaner on the fuel side. So I don't confuse everyone THIS is what I know as the Dr. D/Jay Marmont map:

Fuel Injection (FI)

-1 +3 -2

+3 +4 -3

-2 -3 -2

Ignition (IG)

+2 +2 +2

+2 +4 +2

+2 +4 +4

So, having said all does the Dr. D/Marmont map compare to your custom map? (BTW does it have a name? :))

OBTW I'm running the Yosh RS-4 and really like how broad the power is.

what kind of bike is everyone talking about here? YZ450F or Yz250f

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