Deals, looking for deals!

Busted some stuff this weekend, gotta spur the economy.

Things I need:

#1. Send radiator off to Myler's.

#2. Radiator shrouds. Anybody know where the deal is?

#3. Rear caliper guard. Busted the plastic one, would not mind billet. Ideas?

#4. Shark fin.

I ride a '98 WR400.

Any good leads would be appreciated!


K-Mart is having a blue lite special this saturday on Man Boob Bras Brandon :)

Arrggg! Can't link the photo!

Rode with a bra on my bike all weekend, and there are pictures to prove it.

I just can't show them to you......

All serious now! ProMotoBillet does not serve my older bike, so is it EnduroEngineering? GTY-R? Who else is out there that may protect my steed?

Hope Myler's can fix this. Unbelievable that I did not walk home...




Shrouds you can get from Acerbis OEM try mxsouth, rockymountain and chapparel-racing in that order.

You may be able to get stuff at zipty-racing as well shark fin and brake stuff

Good luck

Zip Ty Racing website

Must of been an awsome crash to need all that stuff :). Was it a tree or a miscalculated landing off a very large jump?

Smoke :D

I was railing along some single-track, maybe in 3rd or 4th, when I struck a root-ball with my left footpeg. It threw me off the right side of the trail.

Laying on the side of the trail was a cut tree, cut end exposed to me, with a diameter of maybe 2.5 to 3 feet. My radiator hit that full on (I am guessing 30 mph or so) then the bike glanced off, and the frame took the rest of the impact. If my foot had been on the peg, it would have been compound-fracture city.

I lucked out, for sure.


Hot start should have been ripped right off...



OUCH!!!!!!! :D. Hate to see a Yami in pain. Glad to hear your OK Brandon :D. Is that frame still straight? That Rad looks in tough shape too :). I thought those rad guards are suppose to keep sticks from damageing your Rads. I'd call Devol and tell the their product failed to protect :D.

Smoke :D


I have all of your needed items, would send them to you free, but a little peeved that you over paid me for the YZ can. What goes around comes around.


What In the Name of Rush, Savage, Hannity and Dr Laura did you HIT :) and vaVa Voom Ann Coulter :D


Sold Brandon a YZF can. The deal was for him to pay shipping, that was $9.61. He sent me $10.00. He overpaid by 39 cents. I'm getting even now, Paybacks are a bitch.

Hey Brandon....that no way to treat my old friend! :)

Send me a PM if your interested in OEM parts @ 20% off list.

I don't like Mylers personally.... sent a rad to him and it didn't fit when it came back. Took it to a local welder and he made it right for cheap. Now I take all my welding needs to him....

Rich Baker

Brandon, where did you get that skid plate? It looks home made, but identical to the one I have on my WR 426! I thought mine was home made, unless some one in here is producing and selling them. Of course, I bought it from a fellow TT'r too. :)


Thats a wicked ugly crash! (that one was for Kevin In NH) :D

Glad to hear your alright! Hate to see the bike wadded up like that though. Consider Flatlands guards next time. Much beefier. Not that anything would have save your radiator in that crash ... :)

Damn dude, that was one major impact!!!

I'm glad you didn't get hurt. With damage like that to your frame and radiator it's obvious that if it would of been your leg or boot that took the hit, even the cape wouldn't of saved you.

Damn dude.....I missed out on an adventure it looks like. Second the comment about Mylers....they straightened my radiator alright(same side as yours) but once I put it back on I found a pinhole leak at the flange of the top outlet/inlet?. You'd think they would've pressure tested it, since they straightened and welded the bottom nipple(welds were pretty lame also). Was impressed that they straightened mine(nowhere near as wadded as yours though) but was dissappointed in the rest of the job. Glad to hear you're alright though. Got some Devol radiator guards(left side slightly bent compared to yours....very straightenable though) and the stock plastic caliper/rotor guards off my '00....if you need/want them, lemme know.

That skid plate looks mighty like a Moose I have on my own trusty steed. Hard as nails. Saved my a$$ a few times.

Foursmoke: The frame is dented pretty good, and I think the left rail got pushed back a smidge. Don't think it will affect much, so I'll chalk it up as a "Character Mark". :D

toyota mdt tech: Not positive, and WR400Rock can help me out here (he used to be blessed with this bike, now I am :D ) but I am pretty sure that it is a Moose skidplate. It has taken quite a beating.

BlueThumder- I pm'ed ya!

I hope my luck don't run out any time soon. Dealing with these consequences would have stunk!

Peace gents!


Been awhile since I bought it, but it is either a Devol or Works Connection, I think. But I'll see if I can find the paper work. Didn't I give you the all the receipts. Sorry, just a little bit anal.

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