disabled and broke need yz450 help plz

bike won't idle with choke off and stalls when not on gas a little has power plus and now while riding no problems maybe a little to much backfiring have cleaned the carb 3 times and replaced the vacuum seal any advice for a slight mechanical guy?

Edited by wgmacman

Did it start doing this after installing the power now plus? It sounds like your fuel screw isn't properly adjusted, but I'm not a jetting expert.

  • Idle simply set too low
  • Idle mixture not rich enough
  • Pilot jet wholly or partially plugged
  • Hot start plunger not seated

Any update?

well i finally got it going ok with the idle set and mixture screw thank you guys but now i have traded the bike for a nice sand rail since i couldn't ride it long enough to really enjoy but this sand rail is really comfortable for me and i think im going to be very happy and have alot of fun.

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