Anyone in Bay Area?

Hey All,

I'm new to riding in this area...I know of Carnegie, Club Moto, and East Park (stoneyford)...anyone have any really choice spots to unleash the beast?? Fun ride, trails, camping???

Look forward to hearing from some of you...

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I live in the bay area too. I would suggest hollister. They have nice trails and 2mx tracks. Amador i am going to have to try out foresthill some time.but for day trips i go to carnagie.


i belong to a club if you would care to go to the site here it is If you read the site we go to George town next week. We meet the first tuesday of every week and then go ride that weekend. Hope you might go to the meetings and come ride with us.


I am 5'8 155 on a 426.

I am nuts!

Livermore Ca

Welcome to the bay,

You seem to have found the closest areas, Carnegie and Club Moto. I vist them for the quick weekday rides but here's a quick list of riding areas 2-4 hours drive for camping/riding: Foresthill (I agree w/Amador it's the best), Twainhart, Pi-Pi valley, Georgetown, Clear Creek, Hollister, Upper lake, Washington(up 80-49/20npast grass valley), Bassy Falls, Stoneyford......... Most of these places are easy to get to. E-mail me @

Lez Ride.


Welcome to the bay area! The absolute best place to ride that I know of is Foresthill. Trails and single-track for ever! It's up near Auburn on HWY 80. I cannot even describe in words how fun this place is! Camping, swimming , dirtbiking and layin back a few cold ones is what this place is all about. We usually clock over 100 miles in a weekend of superb riding. I ride Carnagie and Club Moto all of the time, but whenever I get a chance I go to Foresthill!

I live in the Sacramento area and I know of 5 tracks within an hour of Sac. Prairie City has about 1200 acres of trails, although it's flat compared to Stonyford and Foresthill, but Hangtown MX track is also located there. Riverfront MX track is in Marysville and is always in great condition. I have ridden at Foresthill and Stonyford and really love them both, although once summer hits, they are both pretty dusty as are most of the open riding areas around here. Do you have a green sticker on your bike because I was checked by the rangers at both Stonyford and Foresthill. Welcome to the dirtbike mecca...


99 YZ400

Well Alright! Nice to see some locals online. Thanks to all for the info. Sounds like there's plenty of riding to be had. I am itching...almost ready to call in sick just to get a day in.

Side note...anyone have a line on a small - medium trailer??

Thanks again all and keep posting info here.


01 yz426

I am calling in sick on Wednesday to go riding with two of my all time favorite riders (friends of a friend) M.K. and R.S. (not that I could keep up) But i'm stoked. We were headed for Foresthill but R.S. has a secret spot up towards Placerville.


Lez Ride!


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