help asap

im looking at a yfz 450...06 special edition.for 1100 bucks.....he said it was over heated and has water in the oil..he changed oil and water pump and he got it started and it reved high and has water back in the oil???should i stay away take a chance....he did not open the motor so it is all togeather....this thing is mint!!.(other than that lol)

OVerheating really can destroy and engine, and can cause big bucks to repair it right.

Wouldn't be surprised if the head and/or cylinder is not warped from the damage. They will never seal properly again if this is the case and will need to be machined to flatness again, or if that cannot be done replace entirely.

Expect to replace the piston and rings and have a re-bore done at the at the least IMO, that's if things are looking really good.

I HIGHLY doubt that your going to get away with buying this and only replacing the head gasket.. however I'm not YZ expert.

Most owners who are trying to sell rarely ever give you the whole truth, sounds like a can of worms to me.

I think if you can look around you'll find a YZ with a great running motor that may have some other minor repairs that it needs that will cost you nowhere near as much as this bike sounds like it's going to cost.

I agree with the above. Cheap is a relative term after you consider the cost to get the head machined back to flat (if its warped) plus piston and if there's any cyl scarring. Plus 4 years old may mean that its really been ridden and time for some really serious maintence. Plus water oil... that scary, was it run with water in the oil or did he sense it and check, cause if it was run that way I'd look elsewhere

If it really is mint, I might buy it for that. I can do all my own work, of course, but so can a lot of others. If you pay a grand for it, that would give you nearly $2K to spend on it until you reached the approximate value of a low hour '06. If a tear down makes it look worse than you thought, you can part it for a grand pretty easily.

i think i am going to pass.....i want to thank you guys for the prompt info!!!!:smirk:

i'd buy it in a heartbeat for 1000, hell parting out the bike alone would be more than that. If its a gasket or something easy, you would have a bike cheap cheap cheap, if not part out the good parts and make some cash :smirk:

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