Ferry at Houston Round 11

Went to the races yesterday, and watched Tim Ferry Absolutly eat everyone up...in practice he was going 1 second faster than carmichael (who looked slow) if you get a chance to watch it on tv this weekend. watch for when ferry slingshots his way out of a big berm after the infield triple, simply amazing, he was hitting in third gear pinned (trust me i watched him allll practice) but come main event time he holeshot, and then windham carmichael and mcgrath passed him, so did a few others...carmichael won again, but not by 45 seconds, as he usually does...only by about 8 this time :) mcgrath looked dang good too, realllly smooth and fast. windham led a few laps then faded to about 3rd or 4th...man it was a tough track too. i talked to ferry in the pits, he said its the hardest theyve ever seen. SWEET! lata yall!.

by the way i got his autograph he he he


Could this mean that the 426 has a distinct advantage against the 2-strokes? It would appear that the whiners only come out when this bike wins. Maybe if Larocco took the reins and took the holeshot and won easily on a 426, then the other "factories" would complain loudly. Personally, I always wondered how Larocket would fare on this bike since he is such a strong finisher and is always physically prepared.

Hey Mr Boit,

I don't know what the chances are but I feel that LA Rocket would be the best contender to RC in the Outdoor Champs on the "all new" CRF450. With his strength and stamina it would be a good choice for The Red team?

Then again He would go even better on the reliable and fully sorted Why Zee 426!

I wonder if Team Yamaha USA has thought about getting a Works Euro frame & engine for Mr Ferry to use in the outdoor battle of the Four strokes ?


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