WR426 Rev Limiter

Trying to work out the jetting with JD's kit. All MJ from 158 to 172 I get missing near WOT. 3rd gear at 55 MPH, stock gearing. Still pulling hard and then starts to studder and miss, and allways at 55 MPH. Is this the rev limmiter?

Sounds like it (rev limiter). When I fiddled with my jetting it cranked up way faster than I was used to, so I was shifting late. Try WOT in 2'nd and see if you get the same effect. If so....confirmed.

Otherwise happy hunting.

I solved my rev issue by going one tooth bigger on the front sprocket. Still gushes with power and dont hit the rev limiter hardly at all.

The final option is to grease your foot so it moves faster :)

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