04 WR450 2 Rim Lock tire changing 1st time

I have looked at all the videos and read the same stuff many times.

Like everyone else on the 1st time tire change, I am having a great time.

I have let the air out of the tire by just pressing the valve down but have not removed the valve. I can push the tire down off the rim everywhere except where the rim locks are. I have loosened the nut all the way up so I can push the rim locks all the way down to the rim and can push the tire away from the rim near the rim locks, barely.

When I push the rim locks down, it isn't easy but they do go all the way down.

So the question is, after I have pushed the rim locks down all the way the 1st time, should they move up and down easily the rest of the times? Or could my tube still have enough air left in it where that is causing a problem?

I been messing with it for about 2 hours and I am getting close to taking a hacksaw to the tire just to see what the insides look like.


i change my own tires too and i take out the valve core for the inner tube so it lets out all of the air. that might help so the tube doesn't push the rim lock out. i use this youtube video and it helps me ever time :

there is a part 2 as well just look for it in related videos. hope this helps :smirk:

take the core out. it will still hold some pressure. the 2 bead locks are a pain the first time or two, but once you figure it out, they are not that bad... they should move up and down just as you are describing. a bead buddy helps, but you can do without it.. push one bead lock in, push the tire down, start about 6 inches away and start pulling..take small bites..

I finally got the tire off and the new one on. I go to put air into it and the rushing sound of air let me know I pinched the tube.

With that said, this is definately not something I would try again. I really just was a complete waste of time and effort. I would rather pay someone for this hassle anyday of the week.

I have 3 kids and so many other things I would rather be doing and for the number of times I would be changing a tire anyway, no signs are pointing to do this again.

I am sure the more times you change the tire the better you get, I have a few more swears and anger in me at this point to at least try to pull the new tire off and put the old tube back in, but I am being optimistic and thinking I will be driving to a shop tomorrow.

If anyone is near Stafford Virginia, I have $50 for you and your mad tire changing skills.

Just to share all the info.

It just took me less then 10 minutes to pull the brand new tire off and pull the tube, only to remember I didn't need to take the whole tire off to replace the tube. ha ha, good times... I think I was so impressed with my speed at getting the tire off I lost track of what was trying to accomplish (replace the tube):busted::smirk:B)

Dont get discouraged just yet. Tire changing/ tube replacing comes in handy when you get a flat out riding. Yes, it can be a pain to do, but it's not that bad. I have replaced and fixed quite a few tubes out in the desert.... luckily near the truck. Instead of "done riding for the day" or weekend, youre up and riding 30 minutes later.

Tools that make it easier:

A good stand. I use a sturdy trash can at home.

Gloves.... protect those knuckles.

Tire irons. I use three of the short motion pro irons.

Tube Snake. Helps tremendously with the valve stem.

Bead Buddy. Also by Motion Pro

Soap in a spray bottle. Something to lubricate the tire/wheel. I use windex (I dont know why, but it works), this helps the old tire come off more easily. Also sprayed when installing tire to help seat the bead onto the rim.


I can definately see how the more you do it the easier it would get and I think my experience is probably the normal first experience.

I put my old tube (looked fine) back in with the new tire and have it ready to go back on the bike. Tomorrow I will do the front tire (1 rim lock).

The tough part for me seems to be when you are standing there with the tire in one hand and the rim in the other. Getting through that first step of getting the tire onto the rim is interesting. The first time I lucked out and had the sprocket side down, but the second time around I must have zigged instead of zagged and got to do it sprocket side up.

I think one of the hardest things was getting the tube valve through the rim. Just not a lot of room to work with.

Watch the YouTube vid I posted earlier it has all the tips and tricks cuz the video is done by a professional mechanic he says how do do every aspect of the tire change. :smirk:

The key to changing tires is making sure the bead of the tire opposite of were you are working is in the center hoop of the tire (push in)

I spend more time pushing the bead in then reefing on irons. Soon as it gets hard to pull with a 12" iron, I know the bead isn't all the way seated in the center hoop somewere, and push on the tire to seat it, rather than reefing on the irons.

Takes me less than 10 min to change a tire, longest process is getting valve stem in on a front tire.

And throw that 2nd rear rimlock out IMO, no need.

+1 on that video. Doug Schopinsky makes it look like putting butter on toast.... just too easy.

That was the video that got me doing my own tire changes.


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